We pride ourselves on digging out fresh insight and developing it into a practical plan for growth. We’re forensic in our search for audience truths and we’re resourceful in the places we look for them. Observations of behaviour, patterns in customer data, social media sentiment, or good old focus groups and interviews…it’s all fuel to our process.

What sets us apart from pure research companies is our ability to quickly turn these learnings into competitive, high growth strategies. We can only work this way because of our experience in creating strategy as well as insight. We deliver strategies that are ready to be turned into briefs – for everything from packaging to advertising, P.O.S. to social media.

Faster progress

At BrandEspresso we offer insight and strategy together to speed things up. In conventional strategic development, the baton is all too often dropped between the research, strategy and implementation phases. Time passes, teams change, momentum is lost. Life’s too short; CVs need to show achievements! We condense insight gathering and strategy development into one process so that we’re able to get you on the right road straight away, knowing where the quick wins are and how to reach the bigger prizes.

Fresh insight techniques

We work really hard to understand the real drivers of customer behaviour – both emotional and rational. We know that much decision-making is sub-conscious, governed by feelings more than crystallized thoughts. For this reason, we place great emphasis on discovering how different elements of the brand experience impact on people‘s feelings and behaviours. And we don’t just apply standard research techniques by rote; we believe creativity should extend to research methods every bit as much as to other parts of the marketing mix.

Tailored solutions

No two briefs are the same and we believe each project has to be approached afresh. We won’t force you through a set programme or standard process. You’ll get a tailored approach that fully meets your individual requirements. And it will be a stronger proposal because it will be designed with both insight and strategy in mind.


We think you’ll find working with BrandEspresso to be a refreshing experience. We have a certain way of going about things, but we tailor it to every client and every brief. You might want us to work with other stakeholders. That’s fine, we’ll do so without bigging-up our part or overstepping the mark. We’re great team players and happy to take our place in any formation.

We can accelerate your growth most quickly if you work with us through both the insight gathering and strategy phases, but we’re happy to work within one of these phases if that works best for you.