The brand refreshment we offer comes in many forms – launches and relaunches, brand repositioning, range extensions, new creative platforms, new paths to market… to name just a few. From our experience in over 50 different markets, we’ve developed an approach that maximises success and drives faster growth.

We apply these 6 principles:

Expand | Principle #1 – Deeper, more contextual understanding of human behaviour

We’re all about gaining a deep understanding of human behaviour. We know people are poor witnesses to their own past behaviour and very poor forecasters of their future actions. This means people frequently mislead researchers. There’s no artifice involved, it’s unintentional, but nonetheless damaging. We get around this by applying a deeper knowledge of human psychology and by creating unique blends of qual and quant insight techniques. We focus on the reality of people’s behaviour in their everyday busy lives – what they do, rather than what they say they do – so as to discover ways in which we can move them to action.

Expand | Principle #2 – Earlier involvement of the customer

Wherever possible, we like to gain early involvement of the target audience. This helps steer developments towards success and avoids time being wasted on things the end user doesn’t want or understand. Lack of early customer representation in the process is a major cause of new product failure and project abandonment. It’s challenging to do this without finished materials, but we’ve developed approaches that mean we can get meaningful insights at even the very earliest stages of a project.

Expand | Principle #3 – Acting faster on fresh insight

It’s obvious that the world is changing at a faster pace now than at any time in its history. This means old research can trap us in the past when the consumer has already moved on. We strongly advocate acting quickly on insight while it’s fresh. This is why we offer insight and strategy together. It’s also why we take so much care to ensure our outputs are fit for purpose. This approach minimises the disruption caused by delays and handovers, shortening time to market.

Expand | Principle #4 – Friction-less

We’re big believers in the value of Behavioural Economics, which deals with the influence of context and choice framing on people’s decisions. Amongst other things, this field of study has taught us that in most situations human beings naturally expend as little effort as possible to achieve the benefits they’re looking for. Think for a moment about your own queuing behaviour, or how you react if a web page doesn’t load quickly. We’re all impatient to get onto the next thing in our lives. At BrandEspresso we embrace the idea of friction-less marketing. The less friction in the transaction – whether it’s a monetary exchange or simply the consumption of a marketing message – the happier the outcome for all involved. The principle has driven the growth of big trends like online banking and click & collect , but it applies to everything from packaging to advertising. We can report back quickly on sources of friction which may not even have been noticed in the development process, so that issues can be addressed before they start dragging down conversion rates.

Expand | Principle #5 – Maxemotion

Successful marketing is about working towards a win/win where there’s mutual benefit for brand and brand buyer. But in our experience a lot of brands are under-achieving by settling for a small, rational role in people’s lives when they could play a much bigger part. Our preferred approach is to identify the ways in which the brand can deliver stronger emotional benefits for the user. These things are rarely obvious; it’s not just about better products or services. Sometimes the source of greater brand utility lies in delivering subtle self-image benefits, neutralising a guilt trigger, confidence-building or delivering a feel good factor. We like to go beyond the obvious and into the more arcane. Sometimes it means discovering things about people that they didn’t know themselves!

Expand | Principle #6 - Out-think

You don’t need to outspend your competition if you can out-think them. Now that seems a logical way to approach things for brands that are up against more dominant competitors. But we apply this challenger brand mentality to brands regardless of size and status. Even if you have the largest adspend in your category you can still make it work harder by thinking more strategically than other brands. This is where we can really add value – through thinking that’s clear and strategic, logical and creative at the same time.

Full-on freshness

It’s not just coffee and cakes that are better when fresh. At BrandEspresso we believe insights need to be fresh too; the fresher the better.

As a marketing community, we tend to think it’s best to research amongst the customers that currently account for the biggest proportion of sales. But with such rapid change, this isn’t enough in some sectors. When things are moving fast, BrandEspresso likes to look to leading edge customers, the pioneers. We use advanced techniques to hunt for emergent attitudes and behaviours – these are our clues to the future direction of the market, enabling our clients to stay one step ahead of the competition.